The Importance of Routine

Did you know that having a routine has mental health benefits?

Routines can help ground us, especially amidst uncertainty, as we have something sure to look forward to every day. Having a routine also helps us develop healthy habits, such as self-care, and reduces stress as parts of our day become second-nature rather than things on our to-do lists.

Below is an example of a routine that you can incorporate into your stay-at-home lifestyle!

Set an alarm

Set your alarm for the same time, every morning. This will help regulate your sleep cycle and set a timeline for the rest of your day. To encourage yourself to get out of bed, create habits that you do upon waking up such as reading a poem or making your bed.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Take your time making a nutritious breakfast. This will give you energy for the day and increase your productivity! Try recipes like this avocado toast with kale, turkey bacon & fried egg or this roasted potato & chive frittata.

Do what needs to get done

Spend the rest of your morning accomplishing your "need to do" tasks such as exercising, cleaning the house, or working on an at-home project.

Do what you want to do

After lunch, spend your afternoon doing the things you love or have always wanted to do. Maybe spend a few hours trying a new hobby, an hour watching Netflix, and a couple hours chatting with your friends over Facetime.

Go to bed on time

Set a bedtime so you can eat dinner at a specific hour and spend your evening winding down. Here you can incorporate a mini routine such as cleaning up after dinner, taking a bath, reading a book, then turning out the light.

What does your daily routine look like? Share in the comments below!

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