10 Self-Care Activities To Do Right Now

For once the world is forcing us to slow down and take care of ourselves. Are you seizing this opportunity to do so? 

Here are 10 self-care activities that you can do right now! 

1. Catch up on sleep

Now's the time to catch up on sleep! Maybe that looks like sleeping in, taking a nap during the day, or going to bed an hour early.

2. Hang out in your backyard

Get out of the house and breathe in fresh air! Set-up a nice sitting area with blankets and pillows. 

3. Read a book

Turn off your devices and pick up a book instead! Commit to reading at least one chapter a day or allow yourself to finish it in one sitting. 

4. Clean out your closet

Tidy up your closet Marie Kondo style! Start by clearing it out completely, then go through your items one by one.  

5. Facetime a friend

Don't settle for texting - call up a friend, or better yet, Facetime them! Enjoy their company over a virtual coffee date. 

6. Buy yourself flowers

Brighten up your space and your mood with a bouquet of fresh flowers! Our friends at Floralista are currently offering no-contact flower deliveries or pick-ups.

7. Learn something new

Go back to work with a new skill! You can take classes on line to learn a new language, learn a new software, or learn how to dance. 

8. Try a new recipe

Whether you usually cook at home or not, try a new recipe! Dust off your cookbooks or browse Pinterest to find an appealing dish and make it yourself.

9. Clean (like really clean) your house

There's never been a better time for spring cleaning! We're talking deep cleaning, like dusting your blinds, scrubbing your floors, and washing your windows. 

10. Support your local businesses

Although you may not be able to visit your local businesses, you can still support them from home! Consider sending them an encouraging message, sharing them with your friends, or purchasing a gift card online to spend at a later time. 

Have an idea that's not on the list? Share them in the comments below. 



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