Why a Non-Toxic Haircare Regimen Matters

Did you know your scalp is extra absorbent? In fact, the skin on your scalp is four times more absorbent than the skin on our forearms! This is why it's crucial to understand what's in the haircare you use. 

This can feel overwhelming- you're probably asking yourself, what products are safe for me to use? Well don't you worry, below is a curated list of clean haircare products that actually work. 


We absolutely love Bottle None. They hold themselves accountable when it comes to industrial waste & all their products are vegan made with amazing ingredients! 

We strongly suggest trying their shampoo & conditioner bars- you will fall in love! Here at Bella & Wren, we carry a few different formulations so you'll be sure to find the right one for your hair type. 


If a bar formulation isn't for you that's okay- we are obsessed with the BKind liquid shampoo & conditioner. The mandarin & juniper berry shampoo has a thick foamy consistency leaving your scalp feeling clean as ever. Combined with the Bkind conditioner your hair will be truly moisturized! 


This certified organic formula is created without alcohol and with aloe + vitamin B5 to keep your hair soft without any excess drying.  The Jasmine sea spray is the product you need this summer to achieve the perfect beachy waves! 

We hope this will help you transition into a cleaner haircare routine that your body will thank you for. Let us know how you like your new haircare regimen! 


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