Spring Refresh for Less

Spring starts in 8 days ... is your closet ready?

Freshening up your wardrobe for a new season can be costly and wasteful. We want to change that! At Bella & Wren, we encourage you to bring in pieces from your existing wardrobe so we can enhance what you already have. This will not only save you money, but it will also save the environment as you re-wear your clothes instead of tossing them away.

Here are four ways to style pieces you may already have for spring!

1. The white work shirt

Whether you're a professional or not, almost everyone has a white basic shirt. This is a wardrobe staple and can be styled all year round! Pick up a pair of pants in a different colour or buy a new bag to freshen up your look.

Shop: Zonjaa Blouse, Pantalons, Kenzie Satchel, Symms Mule

2. The denim pants

Okay, everyone's got this one! Did you know you can wear the same pair of jeans up to 10 times before washing them? This will help them last longer so you don't need to keep repurchasing them! Instead, pick up a new shirt for a seemingly new outfit!

Shop: Hendrix Blouse, Ali Cigarette Jeans, Leef Tote, Ray Mule

3. The printed blouse

 We all have that one top that we love to wear all year round. Just as we found a new top for our jeans, we can find a new pair of pants for our top! This black pair features a bow to raise the outfit a notch.  

Shop: Bolona Top, Belted Trouser, Rosalia Mule

4. The all-black outfit

Just because it's spring, doesn't mean we need to forego the all-black outfit entirely! Grab your favourite black pieces and add a bright new bag to give your look a fresh pop of colour. 

Shop: Sandy Leather Jacket, Raw Edge Scoop Jeans, Boomi BagRosalia Mule


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